KCW = Kuo Chuen Wen = Alex Wen

I’m exploring the use of our understanding of human behavior.  From repetitive conditioning to employing of power dynamics and incentive structures.  The problems solved and side-effects created.

I have an interest in artificial intelligence, in it’s function as a babysitter serving modern gods (those who finance their creation) but more so in technology’s application to affect decision, form/break habits and influence strategy.  A non-cognitive machine having the ability to create and make discoveries on it’s own is fascinating.

I attended University in NYC at 16 then left at 19 to work for corporations that promised betterment-of-the-world.  Disenchanted by reality, I dove into filmmaking.  I performed as a stuntman and technology trouble-shooter then founded KCW™studios & KCW™technica.

Feel free to Contact me if you would like to chat.

Current Focus

    • Tools which facilitate the creation of unique and compelling content.
    • Transparent reward structure for creators, especially in VR space.
    • Communication and Control.
    • Analog computing architecture.
    • Having fun.