Affluenza, the one virus you must catch. Now courts accepted.


Feeling oppressed? Has your money made you a victim of Affluenza? Sick of having the impoverished swim in YOUR ocean? Tired of having to breath the same air as working class people? Annoyed these 2nd rate – 3rd class people intrude upon your line of sight?

Well get out there and kill some of these useless zombies! Be the UP standing citizen you are and help the world regulate population. Don’t let pesky things like morals and ethics get in the way of your recreational duty. And with psychologist Dick Miller by your side, law and punishment is an uneasiness of the past. Just look at what he’s done for fine Ethan Couch. Killed 4, not 1, but 1, 2, 3, 4! 4 humans lives ended prematurely and because of good’ole Dick, Ethan will be vacationing for the next few years learning Yoga, MMA, Horseback Riding at a state subsidized rate of just $450K per year! What a bargain!

C’mon! You can’t possibly expect to take his future away! Just look at him, he’s definitely going to be a Blue-Chip stock owner. Might even be a founder of a public company one day. If not anything else he’ll at least buy a mansion and a Ferrari, he comes from wealth. No matter what, Ethan will be a contributor to our great economy. A productive member of our community.

Just like Paris Hilton doing 4 days on a 45 days stint. What sense does it make to lock up a delicate civilian whose only threat to society is she will buy out a sale? At retail prices even.

The flip side of course, if you are not able to catch AFFLUENZA, you will get 16 years for stealing a $1 Snickers bar. Who cares if he was starving, it was a King size Snickers he stole!

The must-catch virus is AFFLUENZA, it cures what only wealth and power can: everything.


Can we at least stop being pussies and just call Affluenza for what it is?  Spoiled Brats that were never spanked.  And if indeed it the parents are the culprit for this problem, why are they not held responsible and  jailed?  Perhaps the best result of this case is the lesson psychiatrist Dick Miller and Jean Boyd taught Ethan Couch, America and the world.  That Privilege and Power is a reality, that we the people have established this very society which demands our subjugation.


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