Organ Wealth Transplant Power


Cost of Organ transplant. Price as of 2010.

Bone Marrow (autologous): $360,000
Bone Marrow (allogeneic): $800,000
Cornea: $25,000
Heart: $1 million
Intestine: $1.2 million
Kidney: $260,000
Liver: $575,000
Lung: $550,000
Double Lung: $800,000
Pancreas: $290,000
Heart/Lung: $1.2 million
Kidney/Pancreas: $475,000
Kidney/Heart: $1.3 million
Liver/Kidney: $1 million

What good is wealth and power if your organic body can not enjoy the good times?

Why does no one mourn the donors of Cheney’s heart, Job’s pancreas, Simon’s kidney or Reed’s Liver?

Until organ and cell printing matures, the best is still to harvest from living human. The newer the part, the pricier, logically.  Natural the list for donors contains almost no notable people, otherwise, what good is wealth and power?

High-production value, motivational score, well crafted PR script. General Electric, corporatism at it’s finest.  If you don’t think, you don’t need to be worried.

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