The next "drug" of the War on Drugs: GINSENG!


West Virginia Department of Natural Resources estimates street-value of the seized #Ginseng at $180,000.

The arrests were made following a year-long investigation. Besides the ginseng, they said police state they also seized stolen guns, other illegal drugs and $30,000 in cash.

Ginseng gets you high…No.
Ginseng physically damages your body…No.
Ginseng makes you steal your mom’s jewelry…No.
Ginseng makes you sell your body like college tuition debt…No.
There is taxable dollars to be made from Asians who believe in longevity/immortality mysticism and superstition…YES!

Surprising SWAT in armored tanks weren’t deployed, them damn Ginseng pushers are dangerous!


“All #Asians should be honored that the American government has allowed you to develop a commerce out of dirty roots.” – (Name Withheld) Asian, Yale graduate.