1) FIGHT : Action series for publishing on social media.  Training for Adrian Brody *or equivalent actor who is serious & dedicated to becoming an action star.

2) REDLINE : Boy has girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back; on motorcycles.  Taking advantage of recent street racing and motorcycle instagram/tiktok craze, let’s make the most watched Hallmark movie ever.  Y2K nostalgia, here we come. (Script here).

These ladies are not the targeted demographic, these are some of my homegirls who loved reading Redline and demand no one forget they’re girls who need romance and will promote the hell out of REDLINE to the current Gen-Zeers.  Especially  if they in it too.




3) No Fuhgeddaboudt Crypto : Can still easily do, but the bigger action gags and VFX will be a challenge.  However if there exists an up & comer PA/youtube filmmaker who’s serious about becoming a part of the Netflix/platform long term deal, I’d schedule time and energy to pilot to success.  (Might have one right now, Emmanuel, worked for me through 4 years at USC film.  But he’s talking about  quitting a $110K per year Fedex corporate gig which I rather he stay at).

4) ASK DR. RICO : Need schedule.

Original (Second Opinion write up here: http://alexwen.com/vip/secondopinion/).

References, the last two are the type of vids you critique/compliment over.  Tiktok and Reddit need serious and good cardiologist.





5) SUAVÉ (Working Title)
Talented but vice addicted Doctor (once the mob’s only option for medical care) deals with modern day issues (Trans, LGBTQ, Racism, Insurance, Classism, Ageism, Social Media’s effect on civil values, etc) the best he and his dysfunctional clinic staff can. Mesh of Beck/Big Bang/Friends.

Each episode features guest stars and torches more than spotlights issues that’s shaped our current human condition.


Dr. Americo – Late 50’s, 60’s, White. A good doctor with old fashioned values that makes him annoyed with his patients, but even more with those who indoctrinated him with it. His ultimate annoyance, life.

Mercedes Jones – 30’s, black. Good nurse, but making sure you recognize and appreciate blackness and black-neo-feminism supersedes any of her chosen professions. Uses “Wakanda is real” like “bless your heart”.

McKenzie Rich – Early 20’s, White, blonde, comes from money. Works in health care to make a difference; either this or some animal shelter.

Dr. Erik Shin – 40’s, Asian. Holds three doctorates, two masters, Olympic bronze medalist fencer and a world class pilot. Severe mother issues, has social communication issues, unable to maintain a relationship of any sort.

Ezekiel Bianchi – 30’s, White, Trans. Office admin records keeper/accountant by day, bare knuckles champion and unbeaten underground motorcycle Redline racer by night.

Series Regulars:

Roast Beef – Late 50’s. Wise guy patient from the old days, still gets Americo to treat gun shot wounds and heart disease without documentation.

Mother Shin – Late 70’s. Does she really have dementia or is she really an oracle capable of predicting the future. Either way, her current life situation is the reckoning of her youth.




1) Invitae

2) Continuous Glucose Monitor ie: Nutri|Sense.

3) Blood workup.

4) Stress Test?



1) Oral Maxilofacial, surgeon/team doing the best (Asian face) custom chin/jaw implants please.** IMPORTANT**

2) Gastroenterologist.







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